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Welcome to the cattery of Maine Coon cat "KRASA KUBANI"

Hello dear cat lovers! My name is Nadezhda Sumina, I am the owner of the Maine Coon cattery "Krasa Kuban", which is located in the heart of Kuban - in sunny Krasnodar.


12.03.2022 г. У нас родились котята
от Iliya Murumec и Ovaciya
Свободна 1девочка.

21-22 апреля 2018 г. в г.Ростове прошла международная выставка FIFe
Результаты: Таис Красный Дар, оба дня Отлично 1. Лучшая в окрасе.

Октябрь 2016 г. Краснодар, международная двухсертификатная выставка FIFe

Результаты: Наш кот CARUSO отлично два дня, получил 2 титула CACIB FIFe.

Наша кошка VARIETY SHOW получила титул Чемпиона FIFe, и первый CACIB FIFe.

Наш кот DJERALD оба дня отлично 2

Юниорочка ARIYA KRASA KUBANI*RU   оба дня отлично 2

В Анапе 9-10 июля 2016 г.
прошла Международная выставка кошек FIFe

Наша кошка Варьете Шоу
получила свой второй CAC FIFe.

Наш выпускник Бумер Краса Кубани
оба дня - лучший в своем классе.

    Мейн КУН в Краснодаре
ЖЗЛ (Котов)

Кота заводят, чтобы кот
Был маяком во тьме забот-
Ты, например, забыл ключи,
Сын в школе двойку получил....


  Мейн Кун Краснодар


Dreams of creating a nursery, I hatched for several years. I met this wonderful breed at the cat show. The cages with Maine Coons kittens were simply fascinating, huge majestic cats like a lynx, a stern look, become, greatness ... and in the soul are eternal children, gentle and purring Maine Coon kittens.
A wonderful little cat Nana appeared in our house. Unusually bright bug, with a beautiful marble pattern, with an excellent exhibition character. Prudent, educated, aristocratic cat Maine Coon. Will never eat from someone else's bowl. You will not see it on the table, and even more so with a slice of sausage from the master plate.

Мейн Кун


And it started ... exhibitions, successes, victories ... The second our coenomer was the cat Lawrence, a very affectionate and gentle boy. Cheerful, loving cat-murchun. If you had heard how he sings, especially when he asks for a treat. And he also loves to sniff in his ear, as if he sings a lullaby for the night.

Кот   Кот


Our kittens Maine Coon live with us, in the family, in a big house, with access to a spacious enclosure for walks in the fresh air. Our gentle giants are surrounded by love and care. Maine Coons have a high intelligence for the cat, they are loyal to the owners, careful with strangers, independent, but easy to communicate, smart and clean.

Кошка Мейн Кун


These ubiquitous creatures will surely be near you no matter what you do: whether you are sitting near a computer, taking a bath, or making dinner. Especially my kunoband loves helping me in the kitchen. And be sure to beg a piece of meat for help. Maine Coons are very fond of water !!! In a bowl, in a basin, in a bucket, in a bathroom, in a pool, it doesn’t matter - you have to touch and splash it. Before going to the bowl with water, perform the ritual of purifying water before it is consumed.

Кот Мейн Кун     Коты Куны


Each of the animals of the nursery has its own habits and its own unique character. We are very happy that we can live next to such amazing animals! They are great companions, infinitely loyal furry friends ... We, our cats, cats and kittens of the Maine Coon breed are always happy to see you on the pages of our cattery !!! We send kittens across Russia and other countries. Our kittens live in Prague, Budapest, Barcelona, ??Vilnius, etc.

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